Tuesday, November 6, 2007

New Thing #226: Ponies for Peace?

I really wish this country wasn't at war. Hopefully one day soon we won't be. But the sad fact is that we are, and there are way too many people facing unspeakable dangers overseas every day because of it. But, while war sucks, the country will never not have a military, so it's important to support the people who dedicate their lives to it. I decided to boost the spirits of one random female soldier, and I sent a care package to a woman in the military. I made sure it had all the stuff I would want if I were over there- hygiene stuff, lip stuff, bath stuff, nail stuff, hair stuff, skin stuff, razors and a calling card. I would have also included creature comforts like massage socks, a sports bra, a Sara Vowell book or two, a Debussy CD and a pony, but apparently the military is a little picky about what's considered a "toiletry."

(It's from treatanysoldier.com . It seems like a rip-off of the more publicized anysoldier.com , but it's just as good and is more clear about what you can and can't send, should you choose to mail something on your own.)
Also, I just thought of something. A bunch of people have emailed me/commented/not realized that my statcounter shows people clicking on a link to me from their websites, and mentioned that they are starting similar projects. If you are one of these people, send me an email at inthenewjen[at]gmail[dot]com with the subject "New Things Blog" and I'll put together a list or a proboards site or something, for people who want to make big deal about it.


Anonymous said...

Please give us the info so we can send care packages too! Thanks!

Michelle said...

how do you do this?

Anonymous said...

This is a great thing to do! Good for you!

I'm so inspired by you - I've started trying to do new things, not necessarily every day though.

Yesterday - I taught myself how to eat with Chopsticks!

Anonymous said...

I've done this a few times using www.treatsfortroops.com. I even got a thank you note from one of the sailors I sent a package to!!! I highly recommend this organization.

Claire said...

That's a really thoughtful thing to do!