Wednesday, November 7, 2007

New Thing #227: Rap Dancing

I wonder if I come off as June Cleaver as heavily as today's New Thing might suggest. I'm listening to a rap album all the way through. I had exactly one rap song in my iPod among all my classical, musical theatre, opera, Beatles and standards, and it's pop rap ("Bawitaba" by Kid Rock). After getting recommendations from friends whose tastes are a little more rugged than mine, I landed on "Life After Death" by The Notorious B.I.G. It's really not as grating as I thought it would be (remember, I grew up with children's choirs and violin lessons, and my mom is a classical singer. Why do I keep making excuses?), and even has a fair number of really thoughtful melodies. Many of the tracks start with people yelling at each other, and then they stop yelling and there's a thumpy beat with a lot of "yeeah" and "unh." The song that's on right now is called "Nasty Boy." The bass is giving me a headache, but I can take it.
Earlier today:
: today's Thing is to listen to an entire tap album. The Rappier, the better. Any suggestions?
Amanda: a tap album?
or a rap album
me: HA
Amanda: Tupac
me: ooh, ok
Amanda: he's the best
and was a poet
me: yes, but could he tap?
Amanda: hmm
I don't know


Jeff said...

good choice. I would have gone with "ready to die" myself, but that might be a bit much for a hip hop newbie.

It's bone and biggie biggie...

Anonymous said...

Hiii ! :-)

I'm Mathew, a student from CES Embassy and my teacher, Mark told me about this blog. So I wanted to see.

I don't really like rap. But I think when we are listening to this kind of music, we have to pay attention about lyrics. A lot of rap songs have so nice lyrics and make sense.

In my opinion, ROCK & Roll is the best ! Yeaaaaaah :-)

Keep on your blog ;-)

spike. said...

Try Digable Planets. Awesome.

dggoldst said...

Try De La Soul!

kakalaki said...

I hope you enjoyed your taste of c-rap. I use to listen to the stuff when i was younger and more naive. Now, I can't stand the fact that people talk to a good beat. Plus they usually talk about things that badly influence young kids. Try r&b, it's a bit more tolerable in my eyes.

Anonymous said...

just wanted to pop in and say that i love reading your blogs. they r keeping me in good spirits at work. haha :) KEEP IT UP!

Erika said...

I am also not a rap fan (piano and oboe lessons here). I've been trying to appreciate it, but the best I've been able to do so far is commit to learning the words to "Baby Got Back."

That is the kind of rap that will take a girl far.

matt said...

I saw you on because I was bored at work. Nice blog, love the idea of doing something new everyday. I'm only halfway jealous that I didn't think of that myself. You have just inspired me to listen to a FULL rap album now. Wonder if I could just loan one from someone.
Keep it real. That phrase always makes me laugh.

Kathleen said...

I did your new thing last year - I burned a rap album from one of the delinquent kiddies and it wasn't half bad. It was called New Joc City by Yung Joc. "Err-body love me, I'm so fly, N** give me deuce when they see me ride by." Yeah, except for the bad words and rampant glorification of drugs and guns, it was alright.

This one girl always asked me "Why you so white?" but I think she appreciated my effort. I ended up being her favorite counselor.