Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Thing #231: Dis repair

Me: Do you have something I can take apart?
Kevin: Can you fix an M.E. Super?
Me: I don't want to fix something. I just want to take it apart.

I wasn't one of those kids who took stuff apart to see how it worked. If I wanted to know, I looked it up or asked someone. That seemed safer and less troublesome, but also sort of boring. When I have kids, I might almost encourage them to take stuff apart, as long as the stuff won't shock, maim, kill or bloody them. So tonight, I guess to get a head start on being a parent who facilitates hands-on learning, I took apart and reassembled a trumpet. I took off the mouthpiece, valve caps, the tuning slide, spit valve, water key and a whole bunch of stuff I don't know the names of. Before I reassembled it, Kevin taught me how to oil and reassemble the valves (even after I nearly lost one of the pads). Now I'm totally ready for my Tower of Power audition.




Melinda said...

Good job! Looks good. I don't think I ever took my clarinet that much apart.


spike. said...

Maybe I'm reading too much into it, but I think Kevin got a sweet deal on a free horn cleaning. That's a great pic with it taken apart and the pieces in order. Reminds me of a diagram that would come in a set of instructions.

Claire said...

If I tried that I'd be left with one broken trumpet!