Tuesday, November 20, 2007

New Thing #240: Onion or off?

Right now I have an onion soaking in two cups of blue Gatorade. I found this video that claims that you can use an electrolyte-soaked onion to charge an iPod. Then I found out about a bunch of other videos (including the show Mythbusters) that totally debunk that video as a hoax. Not one to believe the masses unless I have a good reason, I'm giving it a shot. The onion still has to soak for half an hour before I try the experiment, at which point either I used an onion to charge my iPod or I busted a myth. And yes, it's been busted before, but not by me. I've always wanted to try my own mythbuster experiment, so tonight is my night! Updates will be made below the photo.
I...busted a myth. Not only did the onion not power my iPod, it didn't even absorb any Gatorade. The video claimed that would take 30 minutes; I left it in there for an hour and the liquid level never budged. And now I think I've messed up the USB plug by getting onion stuck in it.


spike. said...

I saw this video the other day, too ... need a spare USB? lol

Claire said...

Oh dear! Good idea but I hope your USB plug will be alright!

Thanks for busting that myth - now I wont be tempted to try it :)

Melinda said...

Um... you might try slicing the onion so that the more absorbent part on the inside actually gets the juice. I seem to remember doing an experiment in high school where I did a blooming onion that I had also dyed. If you want to try again, that may be the way to go.