Wednesday, November 21, 2007

New Thing #241: Sew and sew

Today's thing came from one of my favorite suggesters: Mom! I let down and re-sewed a hem by hand. The hem of my favorite black pants was falling out, so I let it out completely and resewed the hem, and even raised it a little to better complement my new low-heel boots without being baggy. The stitching isn't completely even, but it's still neater than the Tape Fiasco of '05, in which I used iron-on basting tape to hem my brown pants. It lasted until I had to wash them, and the tape got all gummy and nasty and the pants eventually ended up in the Goodwill bag. This time, I might last through a whole season before I get self-conscious and make my tailor fix them.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, everyone who celebrates it! I am in Connecticut until Sunday and will update as regularly as I can. Even if the posts don't happen every day, the New Things definitely will!

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