Monday, November 26, 2007

New Thing #246: Drive me crazy

I drive exactly twice a year, for a span of no more than 7 days. I'm like the automotive equivalent of Newgrange, except with dodgy night vision and a tendency toward white knuckles. And all of my driving has been limited to two states: California, because I grew up there and Nebraska, because someone who doesn't know about my mild aversion to driving lent me a car for a day in that fantastically flat, open, unencumbered state. But that was the easternmost I'd ever driven, until Kevin had to get his tires rotated in CT today and his dad gave me his keys after we'd come back to the house and waited for three hours. I drove a car on the East coast, in the fog and at night, and somehow everything turned out just fine. I followed Kevin back, never worried that I'd lose him, or that someone would squeeze in on the road between us, or that a semi would crash into me and kill me upon fiery impact. Nah, it was cool.


[D] said...

Nice experience, wasn’t it?
Elaborate something more about it.

alf said...

I wish I didn't have to drive virtually everywhere. But when you live in a city where public transportation is unreliable and relatively dangerous, not to mention sometimes completely non-existent, driving becomes the only option.

Nabraskan said...

Nebraska is a good place to drive. :)