Friday, November 30, 2007

New Thing #250: Sent by Joe

Psst. Come here. Don't look at me, look over there. Act natural. Tonight I went to a speakeasy. I can't tell you where, why or with whom, but it was in Lower Manhattan, for celebratory drinks with a friend and some friends and someone who knows a guy. We got in by slinking into a phone booth in an unassuming take-out joint, picking up the phone and saying the password. Then the wall opened (for real!) to reveal a narrow but super classy brick-wall lounge with comfy booths and ambient lighting. The name of the place is PDT (for Please Don't Tell), so I won't. Instead, will you please find out about this place on your own and go there? It is far too awesome for you to not.


MJC said...

That is cool. As much as I hate "insider-y" type places, I love the idea of secret awesome stuff like that speakeasy. It made me think of a bar in Milwaukee called the Safe House, and a Moroccan restaurant in Philadelphia that I couldn't find again if my life depended on it.

lizgrass said...

St. Marks Place. Inside Crif Dogs. I didn't have to say a password.

It is fun, though. Isn't it?