Monday, December 3, 2007

New Thing #253: Interested Party

Yesterday, Kevin's friend sent us both a text message: Are you both free tomorrow night? Indeed we both were, so I replied. Yay! Come to a magazine launch party. Dress hot-ish. Aside from the pressure to be "hot-ish" when outside it is distinctly "cold-ish," this sounded really fun. Hosted at an East Village club, the party was celebrating the release of Alex, a magazine for the urban business professional. Despite having worked in magazines since 2003, I'd never been to an actual launch party. (When my magazine launched, we had pizza and gave each other plants. It was actually kind of awesome). So I went to a magazine launch party. I also bought four tickets for a raffle to benefit a scholarship program for pediatric HIV/AIDS patients. Though the place was insanely crowded and loud, I did end up having a good time. My hot-ishness was debatable (though in black velvet Butter by Nadia, you can't really go wrong). The evening ended pretty well, too.

Here's some stuff I collected at the party, including a little something from that raffle.


Claire said...

Cool - I've always wnated to do that!

And you got some great goodies as well!

Frances said...

Congrats on the ipod win!

asgk1 said...

noice i-pod, mine stopped working the other day, just froze half way through my favourite song :(... some people have all the luck! :):)

still loveing the blog jen!