Tuesday, December 4, 2007

New Thing #254: Gleaming the Christmas Present

As a child of the '80s and the sister of a boy, I certainly saw my share of skateboards when I was growing up. I never had much of an interest in learning to ride one. From time to time I would step on my brother's board (only when he wasn't around) and roll from side to side while holding onto a car trunk or a fencepost. So imagine my slight discomfort when I bought a skateboard. It's not for me or even my brother, it's for a kid I've never met and probably never will meet. I got him something very close to this
because it didn't have skulls, fight scenes or Ronald Reagan. I remember than whenever my brother got a new board, he also had to get wheels and a bunch of technical doodads. I got Stranger Kid the board and wheels, but Toys R Us was out of stock of the other doodads. If I don't find them in time to send the gift, I'll include a GC so he can get them himself. That and a big note saying 'Yay '80s!'


Anonymous said...

Is this some kind of Toys for Tots program?

alf said...

I never understood why I could kick a soccer ball and make it land on a dime, but never pick up the whole skateboarding thing. I think my brother and I got opposite types of athleticism...

But, good for you for getting a kid a gift that requires physical activity! And taking the time to think about what the kid may need to go with the board! Awesome!