Friday, December 7, 2007

New Thing #257: Cruisin'

I don't want to get sued over this, so I'm going to keep it nebulous. Today I took a s tr ess te st in Penn Station. Those of us who live in New York know exactly who administers these tests, and why. Those who don't might have to read into the title of this post a bit. While subject is holding onto a cheaply made foil rod, the test-giver calls out a series of words like "family" work" and "relationships," and measures the electric response on a cheaply made... response pad? Then they try to sell you books and get you to come to meetings. It's good the rods don't generate any electricity... you don't want it tavoltya, or they'd find your toasted remini's all over the place (do you get it yet?).


Manda said...

Oh I get it. Suri I do.

MJC said...

"(do you get it yet?)"

Yes! I do! Me! Me! Rah!!!


congratulations on not becoming a pod person.

DeepSeaMuse said...

haha! you have to be a real top gun to sit through one of those tests.

Wolfgang Schaeuble said...

At least you didn't have to go though a hayzing process.

Maddy said...

Tavoltya is my favorite!

Maddy said...

OK ok

IN this season you might see an Elfman giving the test. Eh? feh.