Tuesday, December 11, 2007

New Thing #261: Pear Alike

I have really yummy-smelling organic pear dish soap. Every time I do the dishes, it smells the way nearly everything I owned smelled in 1997, when I was really into Sparkling Pear Body Spray (and lotion and bath gel and anti-bacterial hand cream) from Bath & Body Works. I've sort of grown out of good ol' B&BW, but man did I love smelling that stuff after a shower! So for the sake of nostalgia, I took a shower using dish soap. I even used it for the leg shaving, and while it doesn't moisturize as well as Skintimates, it has left my skin smelling like it did sophomore year of college. It sort of makes me want to throw on some Wallflowers and wear pajamas and Birkenstocks to my sociology final. I could just do that anyway.

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Claire said...

Your shower curtain is the best!!