Friday, December 14, 2007

New Thing #264: O Holy Night, Batman!

Dear People With Christmas Parties,
I'm not there. I'm at home, watching old tv shows and eating homemade pizza and playing Scrabble with Kevin. Hope they were great. While you were funning the night away, I watched an episode of TV's Batman. Holy stiff acting and awesome cheesy special effects! I could have stood for more "BAP"ing and "CLOP"ing as promised in the opener, but I'd give a million "BAP"s and "CLOP"s just to hear Burt Ward, in all his yellow-caped glory, say things like "I'd like to clean HIS clock" while rubbing his adorably undersized hands together in anticipation. Funny how you pretty much can't exist in North America without ever having heard the theme song, but plenty of people I know have never actually seen an episode of the show. This episode had the Riddler after the king of Madeupland and a Miss Galaxy crown of jewels, with Batman and the Boy Wonder hot on his heels. I'm not sure I would have liked the show when it was actually on; it's fun to watch now because of the kitsch factor, and because everyone took themselves wayyyy too seriously. Not that Batman's job is anything to sneeze at. I just think he could have had a bit more fun with it.
Jen (whose midsection can be seen in this video)

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spike. said...

I used to LOVE this show when I was a little kid. Except for the Joker (played by Caesar Romero). He scared the Living Hell out of me. I remember being four years old and hiding behind a chair when he'd come onscreen. My other little friend would tell me when it was safe to come out.

Cripes, it gives me The Shivers just thinking about it now.