Monday, December 17, 2007

New Thing #267: Do the wave

This is also post T minus 100, as there are exactly 100 more New Things to do until the project ends! I'd like to put out a special request: Tell me what you do. I had a wonderful conversation over the weekend with people whose lifestyles are different from mine. They told me about stuff they do- Pilates, accupuncture, wearing legwarmers as a wardrobe staple-that are part of who they are, but that I have never done. What do you do on a regular basis that not everybody does? Let me know! I might try it!
And if you're someone who does this, then we're one step ahead of each other. I cleaned my microwave with a lemon. My realization the other day that I haven't given the 'wave a good cleaning since I moved coincided with this find on WikiHow, so tonight during my post-dinner kitchen cleaning frenzy, I gave it a try.

Before (my cell camera doesn't do justice to the butter slime clinging to the ceiling and walls)


This was fun, but not as life-changingly easy as Wiki said it would be. I definitely had to use some nonexistent muscle power for the post-nuke wipedown, but the part about the lemon making everything smell fresh was true, and bit about the steam making everything less sticky was mostly true. But I make a lot of popcorn, and if Newman's Own organic butter wants to hang out in your microwave for a while.... it's gonna.


Kate maripose said...

I've been keeping up for a bit with you... here's a few suggestions.

- Bikram Yoga
- Ice cream sundaes for dinner (that was my grandma's treat as a little girl)
- Hide in the movie theater and see two movies for the price of one ticket

Claire said...

Ooh, I've done this before - I agree, it smells nice but isn't that great!

Mr. Nordmann said...

Some of the things I have done:
-Responded to those annoying Prescription Drug spam emails, and wished the person a happy Monday
-complete an online life/death forecast
-enter numbers on all the microwaves at work to annoy coworkers
-take an online IQ test (actually quite interesting if you have the time)

Please let me know if you have any suggestions for me. Thanks.

Krafty Like A Fox said...

Things I do:

-write something completely experimental
-listen to public domain audiobooks
-make playlists of songs to cover one day
-make lists of thing I never expected to do but have done

Simone S. said...

Things I do that people seem to not do as well:

1. Wake up to NPR first thing in the totally starts my day, wakes me up(gradually), and keeps me in the know for that day's news

2. blow bubbles in the tub. I don't tell many people about this, but it's loads of fun!

Jess said...

I have done these things in the past:

-learned all the words to "Shoop" by Salt N Pepa so I could sing it karaoke in a smooth non-reading the words kinda way

-skip rocks on every water surface that is big enough

-Bet on a football game (I know nothing about football)

-started coloring one of those big super tube coloring posters (it will take me a year!)

kikimaja said...

Here are some things I do...

- I am in toastmasters which is a public speaking organization (everyone can speak better)

- I volunteer at a dalmatian rescue (dogs are the best)

- I am going flying on a trapeze next month (they have it in manhattan)

- I went to Moods in NY and bought a lot of fabric and designed my own comforter cover

- I am decorating one of the floats for the Rose Parade (far from you i know)

- If you like sushi try a different type of roll that you never even imagined you would try

- Go into a store with friends and try on the ugliest items imaginable (from the movie "The Sweetest Thing" think movie montage)

Is that enough? I got tons more ideas!

KrstlChik said...

On my new things journey, I've:
-eaten octopus sushi
-gotten my nose pierced
-various crafty things (esp. since it's Christmas time, craft making is essential)
-attempted a recipe from
-gave my car a little love, ala "I Love What You Do For Me, Toyota" commercials from the 80s.
-learned an interesting fact about 5 cities picked at random from a map.

I'm planning on flying a plane in the near future. You should interview an older person about what life was like when they were younger. Or interview a fellow one-a-dayer. ;) You did so well interviewing your dog, why not?

PS. I also crochet, and know all the words to Shoop, but, sadly, none of the karaoke joints I go to have it.

Kate K. said...

I've been watching your progress and emulating your success, too! A few suggestions I've been mulling over, but you could try:
- make & eat a snow cone out of real snow (I guess you'd have to have a storm for this one)
- give someone a bouquet of flowers anonymously (either send them, or give them to a stranger)
- alphabetize your shoes by color
- wear a tiara or crown all day on a random day

Erika said...

I think you should give a nod to another New Yorker who was a fan of trying new things -- Holly Golightly. I suggest that you watch the movie Breakfast At Tiffany's and do all of the "new things" Holly and Paul/Fred did. Except maybe stealing from the five and dime, unless you want another new thing to be getting arrested (assuming you haven't before).

Or, you could have a whole New York movie day and do things people do in movies about your fair city. It would be especially awesome if you could fight the Sta-puf Marshmallow Man, but short of that, you could at least meet someone at the top of the Empire State Building or see if you could play a big foot piano in FAO Schwartz.

KrstlChik said...

I commented earlier, but I forgot to list off another one of my hobbies that you should totally try! - if you know someone with a handheld GPS, get to it. It's a lot of fun!! It's like a techy-meets-nature scavenger hunt.

Lauriel said...

Things on my list for my New Thing a Day that starts on January first:

-change the oil in my car (with help)
-mop the floor with sponges on my feet (like in pippi longstocking)
-eat green eggs and ham while reading the book (I think I am saving this for St. Patrick's Day)
-Get a real estate agent for the day and go house shopping (I figure that this will be good practice should I ever be able to afford a house)

Anonymous said...

Stay up all night reading an AMAZING book!

Try to convince a patron that you work in a store or library

I understand it would be VERY hard in the city, but muck a stable with some friends

Run in the rain

Bet said...

BTW, I discovered your blog from CNN and have been reading faithfully - I really admire you and your project.

Here's something I do that other people may not - eat potato chips with a fork. Why? Why not? It's fun, it's challenging, it's like pick-up sticks. Be brave, do it in a restaurant - you'll be surprised how no one even cares!