Tuesday, December 18, 2007

New Thing #268: Eso si que es

In keeping with my housecleaning theme this week, I took a wonderful reader suggestion and I organized my socks alphabetically by color. My sock drawer tends to look like it's been pillaged by Visigoths and then when I get dressed in the dark, the picture above happens. Nobody, including me, cares what color socks I'm wearing during Boot season, but what if I pass out on the train again and turn up in the ER with mismatched socks? It can't possibly be more embarrassing than the time I ended up there with MOO written across my stomach in fake tan*. So really, I've just done a bit of Emergency Preparedness Light.

Blue, gray, green, pink, purple, stripey, white. How is it that ALL of my black socks are already in the hamper? Ah winter!

*100% true


Sam said...

very nice! But did you know that you can get sock drawer dividers!! They look like little pods for socks - http://www.stacksandstacks.com/html/23075_drawer-organizer-diamond.htm - I don't use them myself so it takes me ages to find the right socks!!

Claire said...

Nice job! Very neat.... but will it stay like that?!

spike. said...

Alphabetized socks? That joke writes Itself.

Erika said...

Might I suggest further keeping your socks organized (and always in pairs) by safety pinning them together. When you put on a pair, take the pin out, and when you throw them in the laundry, put the pin back in. You'll never lose a sock that way, or, if you do, you'll lose two, so you'll never had odd socks or put on socks of different colors.

Betty Lou said...

just a couple more ideas of new things to try if you haven't already:
* buy/sell something on e-bay
* give blood or volunteer at a blood drive
* go to story time at the library or a book store
* attend a service of a religion other than your own
* chew on winter green lifesavers in the dark--they make sparks. just make sure it's actual life savers and not breath savers.
have fun!

Kate K. said...

Hooray for alphabetizing your clothes! Since I'm the one who made the suggestion, I'm impressed. And now, the story behind my suggestion yesterday: my parents actually made me change schools as a child when I started doing this at home - they said I was under too much pressure at in my 1st grade class. (Seriously, who does this on a regular basis?!?) Anyway, kudos on a job well done.

Betsyh11 said...

I'm a local government official for a large Midwestern city, so I attend lots and lots of neighborhood meetings and community meetings. Political fundraisers, too. And political party meetings. I also see a personal trainer. I read mostly books for young adults. Sometimes I go to bed at 9 so i can get up at 4 to work out -- especially if I am running early with my running pal. I don't eat sugar (makes me sick, sadly). My 2007 resolution was to only watch Movies and TV sows, read books, and listen to music that's fun, funny, or inspires me. That has been *great*, actually, totally helps my mood stay positive. It's how i found your blog!

gavTEK said...

speaking of socks - Have you ever tried 'toe socks'? They're... different :)

GIS on 'toe socks'

Maddy said...

Eso si que es!

If you could SPELL it why didn't you just do that!

Ahh, Spanish teacher jokes.