Thursday, December 20, 2007

New Thing #270: Post Waste

When I started grad school in journalism at NYU, one of the first things I learned in my Writing and Reporting Workshop class was 'The Post Sucks.' That and 'The Post Will Ruin Your Life and Your Children's lives' and 'Reading the Post is Like Being Pauly Shore.' I really wanted to do well in school and thought that even smelling like The Post would ruin me as a student and later as a professional journalist. So I never read the post. As I met more people in New York, most of them not journalists, I found that none of them read the post either. So it wasn't just a 'The Post is Bad to Read if You Want to be a Journalist' thing, it was a 'The Post is bad to read if you have eyeballs' thing. So I'm hoping that I don't spontaneously stop being a journalist and that my eyeballs don't fall out because I read The Post. I feel okay. I think. I was definitely put off by the tawdry front page headline (news flash, newspaper: JL did not single-handedly bring 'shame' to that trainwreck of a family) and I did find a lot of other crappy headlines like 'It's grow time for Columbia' and 'Drug cops Are 'weigh' out of line,' and most of the stories couldn't hold my interest for very long. I gave Liz smith a try, but all those highlighted dropped names gave me a headache. Also, I don't really care. Give me the Times and any day. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go nail down my NYU diploma, lest my old professors find out about this.


Claire said...

Haha, great post!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I'm tellingggg. ;)