Sunday, December 23, 2007

New Thing #273: A Major Award

What was supposed to be an 8-hour trip from New York to San Diego turned into a 36-hour trip from New York to Chicago to the San Diego airport then directly to Gramma's party in L.A., then finally back to San Diego until we go home later this week. I was completely exhausted when we finally got back from L.A., and my room at my parents' house could have been full of bears and old socks, for how tired I was, as long as it had a bed and a soft pillow. Imagine my delight when it was not only free of bears and old socks, but had a bed and a soft pillow AND a leg lamp! I beheld a leg lamp, much like Ralphie beheld the leg lamp in A Christmas Story. I think it's entirely wonderful that somebody sells these babies, and even MORE wonderful that I get to bring this back to New York! It will, of course, not be packed in my suitcase, but in a box full of sawdust marked FRAGILE. It must be Italian.


Marie said...

That's awesome!! I love that movie!

JenLAbs said...

I told my parents today to be on the lookout for a leg lamp because I wanted my very own after watching A Christmas Story three times in a row today!

spike. said...

You're holding that leglamp a little high there, young lady.

If there isn't a picture of you shipping it back to NYC in the box marked "FRA GEEE LAY" (I write Italian words phonetically), I'm gonna be hella disappointed.