Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Thing #276: Humbled

In October, my family and most of my family's friends had to evacuate their homes to escape the San Diego wildfires. Luckily, everyone I know was physically safe, and my parents' house was spared. But the other side of their neighborhood saw some pretty devastating damage. As what was a bit of a downer, but also very important in understanding just how close this thing hit, I surveyed some of the fire damage. Below, some pics of what I saw taken by my sister:
The Valley behind their house, looking west
Where the fire stopped

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spike. said...

Wow. That sign regarding the firemen really got to me. Living in South Florida, makes me think of similar signs after all the hurricanes a couple of years ago. I'm glad your family is alright. Happy Holidaze, Jen :)