Thursday, December 27, 2007

New Thing #277: Sous Good!

One of the best things about being around my parents is their taste in restaurants. When they visit in New York, it's Balthazar and Bhuddakan; when I visit San Diego, it's places like Pasquale's on Prospect, where I visited the kitchen, by personal invitation of the Maitre d'. It's a lot easier to get that invitation when your parents' friends are such regulars that they knew which waiter to request, and the waiter knew which starter and dessert to bring them without asking, but still very flattering! Patrons can see all the action on flat-panel screens anyway, and since there was one right by our table, we never missed a second of the action. Unless we wanted to. During my absolutely stunning main course of Salmon al Cappri, I got a personal escort behind the scenes, where I witnessed all the lightning-fast action of the kitchen staff in person, and probably looked like a bit of a loon on camera.

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