Friday, December 28, 2007

New Thing #278: Ambiturning

When I still lived where I grew up, the road that runs between the sections of my parents' gated neighborhood ended at a fence, beyond which lay a cow pasture. By the time of my first visit home after moving to New York, they had opened the road up to connect with what was at the time a fledgling freeway. Gradually over the years, the area opened up more and more, and now you can connect the north coastal area where my parents live with virtually any east-lying area. I don't know the roads at all, and am still shocked to not see a fence and cows. It occurred to me today while looking for Whole Foods that even with all the back-road taking I do every time I come home, I had never turned left at the end of the original road. So today I turned left from SD Road onto CDS. This means nothing to most of you, but to someone who would have been driving through cow patties and mud puddles had she done the same thing in the same place 10 years ago, it was sort of a big deal! And not really in a good way! That area wasn't a twinkle in a McMansion developer's eye back then, just a playground for big-eyed, sweet cows. To see it all boomed out the way it is now is like being on another planet. Even more so.

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farmwife said...

Ouch....there's an issue that rips right into the soul of a Farmwife :( Even living in the middle of nowhere like we do, we watch developers buying up ground that has been in families for generations. They offer more for it than they can pass up, and the younger generations have often left for easier work in the cities and don't want it anyhow.

Who will grow the food when the farmers are all gone?

Anyhow, I have been reading your adventure for quite a few months now, and have completely enjoyed it! The Blue Man adventure made me lol thinking of you out on the town! And, it has pushed me to try to find something new to do myself every day -- not always an easy thing when I live a life that means doing a lot of the same things over and over every day...