Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Thing #279: Rat and White

Confession: It's really difficult to find the time, energy and will to do New Things when I'm traveling. And I'm not talking about the time I spend wherever I am- obviously being in a different place offers a wider variety of things to do, and for the most part I've taken advantage of them. I'm talking about when I'm actually in transit. I'm not a big fan of air travel- I sort of wish I could go into a coma on the plane and just get carted around. But whatever, I deal with it. On the days I have to fly, I sort of let the new things come to me. And like not having planned the overnight in Chicago on the way here, I didn't plan it when I watched a movie in black and white that had been made in color, totally without realizing it wasn't supposed to be in black and white. It was Ratatouille, which I totally loved despite its hue. I know I'd seen the trailer and commercials, but not a lot of them since I don't watch that much tv. When it started (on the apparently faulty monitor), I thought oh how lovely, Pixar has made this adorable movie about Paris and food and they've done it in black and white! I didn't give it another thought until the last 10 minutes, when I got up to stretch and happened to glance at another, full-color, properly working monitor across the aisle. Linguine has red hair? The pepper in the dish they served to Ego at the end was green? Who knew?! Not me!

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Priscilla said...

I love that movie! I saw it on the plane! :D