Sunday, December 30, 2007

New Thing #280: Airhead!

I've had problems with airlines in the past-getting stuck in Newark overnight on my way back from studying in Ireland, missing connections- but nothing like this past trip to CA, where Kevin and I got delayed overnight in Chicago, then each of us had problems during our separate flights back. So I complained to the airline. I'm not much of a squeaky wheel. I have my own way of dealing with businesses, people and situations that make me angry, but it rarely involves being vocal. Usually, when it's just me getting screwed over by the airline, I suck it up and move on. But when they make my boyfriend wait nearly an entire day to come home on a flight he didn't book, THAT gets me going (even if he did run into my cousin at the aiport)! I wrote a tactful but strongly worded email on the airline's form email site, then emailed three separate people using addresses I found on an insidery site sent to me by he lovely Michelle.
Update since Sunday: I got a phone call from a customer service rep offering both of us a $300 flight voucher, as well as an email from a different customer service rep offering just me a $100 discount voucher. Woo!


Michelle said...

Hooray! The Consumerist in action! and happy new year too.

Anonymous said...

What was the site?

Jenmac said...