Saturday, January 5, 2008

New Thing #286: Cangular

I dislike my cell phone. It doesn't hold calls, it doesn't have enough storage, and it's not very pretty. But I would never just ditch it in favor of a new one without testing other options first. That includes obsolete, old-fashioned models. Today I used a can-and-string phone. Kevin and I had a short but important conversation while he was standing in the kitchen and I in the living room. I think we talked mostly about whether we could hear each other and how bad the cans smelled. I never did this as a kid , mostly because I wasn't Dennis the Menace, but also because the next-door neighbor I had until I was 11 didn't like me, and any next-door neighbors I had from that point on were either in houses too far away, or in apartments to scary to try this out. I'm not ready to ditch my Samsung for these, but it's nice to know I have a backup.


The Unicycle Guy said...

I heard your story on Weekend America and enjoyed it.

how about riding a unicycle as one of your new things to learn?

cheers to all the new things you have tried!

james from Omaha

Pat Baer said...

I have access to a unicycle....

Claire said...

Haha, I always wanted to try that!

(Happy New Year, by the way!)