Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Thing #287: Habla dinero?

I took a risk with this one; few New Things have the potential to leave me broke, cause me to overdraw my bank account or somehow donate every cent I have to the Monkey Literacy Project, but luckily none of that happened when I selected the Spanish language option on the ATM. I've been tempted to do this forever; as a smug Spanish I student, then later as a beleaguered Spanish II student then finally as a manic-depressive Spanish III student, I entertained but then rejected the notion of trying it. I couldn't really afford to lose the $200 in babysitting money that constituted my sad little account, and I really wasn't all that confident in my Spanish at the time. I'm still not, but now at least I have more money, more confidence and more ego, all of which came in handy in assuming that Washington Mutual's ATM people had the sense to make all the options correspond to the same buttons, no matter what the language. And apparently they did; a cross-check of my mini-statement in English revealed that I had not withdrawn more than I meant to, and that those illiterate monkeys won't be getting a dime from me. At least not this month.


Lauriel said...

Just don't get too cocky and switch your phone to another's hard to switch it back!

Anonymous said...

I wish I had your Spanish skills when I was trying to withdraw money from ATMs in Uruguay. Could not understand a freakin thing on them...some I was able to use no problem, others I couldn't squeeze a peso out of...and I didn't understand the difference.