Monday, January 7, 2008

New Thing #288: Turning Point

Today I took one tiny step for a New Yorker, and unfortunately, one tiny step for New York. Nearly the entire time I've lived here, I've had a huge aversion to other people's loud, leaky headphones. Not only are they annoying to entire trainfuls of people, they're going to cause their owners to go deaf in five years. The latter probably isn't a concern to most other people, but I happen to think often about people other than myself. So it was out of consideration for a trainful of people, myself and a hearing aid-bound doughy 20-something in a Looney Tunes t-shirt when I got someone to turn down their music on the subway. I waited until a gap between songs, and when the next one came on, I jumped enough to get his attention, then smiled and mouthed, "that's really loud." He grimaced, then reached for the iPod and TURNED IT DOWN. Yes, my method was a tad bit passive-aggressive, but you really do have to be careful on the subway. Just because he's a young doughy guy in a Looney Tunes shirt doesn't mean he's not also psychotic. I've seen people I'm friends with flip out over less.


Claire said...

Well done!!

Wanda said...

I'd love to know what the other people on the train were thinking... "Thank you so much young lady. You are my hero of the day!"