Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Thing #289: There for me

In high school and college, I had a lovely relationship with the show Friends. While not riotously funny, it was aesthetically pleasing and it took place in my future home of New York (although even I knew that I shouldn't expect their unrealistic village sprawl lifestyle). The one thing I did think might be realistic to emulate was drinking coffee out of those unreasonably huge mugs they had. I never really put much effort in trying to find one like them, so I had to settle for getting Rachel's haircut (kidding). But for Christmas, my sister gave me this humongous mug with NYT quotes, articles and puzzles on it. So I drank coffee out of an unreasonably huge mug. I only say 'unresonable' because it is such to most people. But I love my cup-a-day, even if it's a head-size cup a day (it's still just one, right?). This baby holds almost three times as much coffee as my regular teacuppish mug, and I felt like kind of a jerk for taking so much from the pots at work. I won't make such consumption a habit, but we do have a ship this week, so that's my excuse for now!


Shane said...

I love your blog. Just discovered it from hearing you on Weekend America.

I drink out of large mugs all of the time. MORE COFFEE.

PS: I emailed you. I'm sandbox in the basement guy.

farmwife said...

I have a huge Winnie-the-Pooh cup that was given to me as a gift. Generally it sits in my cupboard, but maybe I should try it for a cuppa :)

Priscilla said...

wow, it looks especially huge in the bottom picture! :)
I loved Friends too. :D

Claire said...

Haha, my boyfriend has a mug about that size!

I just couldn't drink it all before it went cold!

Kathleen said...

I'm glad you like it sweetie! Drink up!