Sunday, January 13, 2008

New Thing #294: All That Spazz

Oh man. Or I should say, Oh ladies! Ray of sunshine Glennis offered me the chance to do something today that my 10-year-old self (and, ok, every age since then and probably unconsciously before) would have given baby teeth (or grown up, eye, or even wisdom teeth) to do. Glennis and Marcy run this absolute gift to women, called DanceDancePartyParty, every Sunday. It's simple: Dance like you're in a club, but with no men, judgments, booze or high heels (legwarmers optional). They've been doing it for a few years now and it really is amazing. The only thing that would have made it more amazing for me would have been to get to DJ with a playlist made entirely of musical theatre songs.
On Thursday, I had this conversation with Glennis:
Glennis: ooh!
10:40 AM what are some fun Musical theatre songs to dance to?
I want to make an all musicals mix this Sunday
10:41 AM Big Spender, All That Jazz, Jellicle Cats
Glennis: woo woo!!
ooooh big spender's great!
me: Rich Man's Frug (From Sweet Charity)
10:44 AM Cell Block Tango, Greased Lightning, Hair, You Can't Stop the Beat, Go Go Go Joseph, Very Soft Shoes, Run Freedom Run, America
Glennis: do you want to make the mix??
me: OKAY
Glennis: yay!!
me: YAY!
(I'm ten all over again)
Glennis: hehe I know me too!
I'll send you an email of the ones I thought of from musicals and you can take what you'd like :)
me: cool!
10:50 AM Glennis: ok sent!
me: Got!
10:51 AM I have 13 of these!
Glennis: AWESOME!!

I made an all musical theatre mix for DDPP. MAN, was it a geek-dream come true! Check out the playlist below, and imagine 12 babes spazzing out to it on a Sunday afternoon:
It's hard to see, but it includes stuff from Xanadu, Guys & Dolls, 42nd Street, Sweet Charity, Pippin, Urinetown, Hair, Hairspray and Funny Girl. Now I have to wait at least a month before I geek out so hard about something again.


Anonymous said...

I wish I could be there just to see people dance to Jellicle Cats and Lonely Goatherd. LOL. My friends and I would SO love that! I love that on top of doing something new everyday, you are also a theater geek.

bellacantare said...

OMG - best mix Evah! Yeah, definitely been blasting "You can't stop the beat," whenever my inner 12-year-old theatre geek needs to break free for a few minutes. Oh, and what I wouldn't give to be able to sing "Don't Rain on my Parade" without needing an inhaler.

Kirk said...

Wait, there's a Xanadu cast album?!?!