Thursday, January 17, 2008

New Thing #298: A bunch of elephants & a men's glee club

If you understand the reference in the title of this post, we should be friends! If not, you're probably still okay. Today I took a Rorschach test. I think the Mensa thing fueled me to find out more about my brain; specifically my psyche. The person administering the test wasn't qualified to analyze my answers, but it did make for some hearty laughs. Among some of the things I saw: a clown pushing a van, a tree on fire, socks, and a pie with a bite taken out of it and a sketch of a dog carved into the top. And I happen to think that the one above looks like a headless opera singer wading through a pond at the top of a mountain.
Thanks to Noah at Skull-a-Day for the idea!


Maddy said...

I think it looks like two penguins and a crab doing the Pas de trois from Swan Lake.

MamaChristy said...

You said two elephants and a men's glee club and that's ALL I can see! The power of suggestion is vast.

Miss Banana said...

If you want to take a test that will most likely scare you with how acurate the results are, take the Jung Typology Test. Here's a link:

MJC said...

Sorry, but you are wrong. It's two giant birds hanging impetuously off the sides of a Harley.

ps. mvwnu