Friday, January 18, 2008

New Thing #299: Le DVD

You know how certain shows and movies aren't available on DVD in the US because of a bunch of pesky licensing rules and whatnot? Annoying, yes? Maybe. If you have a de-regionalized DVD player, like Kevin's, you can get around that silly obstacle and watch stuff that's only been released overseas. Tonight he and I watched a region 2 DVD. No, it wasn't that different from watching a plain old American, law-abiding region 1 DVD, but since it was a French film (the stunning The Girl on the Bridge) in black and white and with subtitles, it definitely felt more exotic. And now that we know that all the extra requirements of a European DVD are compatible with the DVD player, sky's the limit! Bring it on, Ally McBeal, West Wing and Passport to Pimlico!


Tamsin said...

Yay for region free DVD players! Definintely check out for all kinds of fun stuff. The best part is that they don't charge taxes if you live in the US, so it all ends up costing a few £'s than anticipated.

Josh said...

An incredible movie. I don't know anything about DVD's or regions or that stuff ... I saw it in a movie house ... Indeed, it's the last thing I saw in a movie house. Incredibly erotic, I thought.

annie :) said...

While you're new at watching different region DVDS...I'm old pro at it, having ordered (don't laugh or make fun...I can't help it) Footballers Wives seasons 4 & 5 from Amazon UK. Only thing I've played with the regions for on my laptop, but damn I love that show!