Sunday, January 20, 2008

New Thing #301: Giant pain in the butt

I know very little about sports, so I wasn't as excited as some of my friends as we watched post Giants' game hype on several tvs in a restaurant we went to after an improv show. But I did have fun suggesting possible headlines for the Post: Bowl Tyne, Super Goal and my lame favorite, One Giant Step. I mused that it would be hilarious to call the Post and suggest one of these. Having worked at newspapers and magazines for more than ten years, I know full well that night deskers don't have time for nor interest in taking suggestions from readers. So I called the Post and suggested a headline. Surprisingly, I got hold of a human being almost immediately. Then I suggested One Giant Step, and, not surprisingly, he hung up on me almost immediately. I think this is because not only do reporters and editors really dislike such input from readers, especially at the 11th hour, but also because I made myself sound like some ridiculous drunk chick. And nobody likes it when ridiculous drunk chicks tell them how to do their jobs.


Anonymous said...

Okay this one really made me laugh this morning!! Thanks!!!

Meg D said...

I just read about you in cosmo! Congrats on getting so close! You are very inspiring.