Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Thing #312: Baby Love

I'm not pregnant. But I'm hoping some day I will be, and it's a good idea to start getting the nutrients I'll need for that sooner rather than later so today I started taking prenatal vitamins. I started with a sample box my lady doctor gave me, a pink carton with cartoon prints of pregnant ladies with multiracial babies partying in their round (and transparent) bellies. My boss saw it on my desk and asked if I had anything to tell her. For a split second, I did consider messing with her and asking her to shut my door and sit down so we could talk about something. But I didn't, and instead we tried to figure out which waving baby in a transparent baby we each were.
Here's a picture of what I might look like preggers:
Actually, not "might." Will. (babies apparently grow on the hipbone)


Claire said...

tansparent bellies sounds scary!!

Frances said...

I'm glad you're taking the vitamins. Just wondering if marriage is on the horizon..."first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage"

Anonymous said...

Make sure that you are taking prescription prenatal vitamins. Over-the-counter "prenatal" vitamins are useless. they do not have the same concentration of what is needed, i.e. folic acid. Heard this from my pharmacist just this week. You would be very cute pregnant!

Shane said...

I'm a pharmacist. Prenatal vitamins are good. Even for men. Keep them up.

Melissa said...

My doc gave me straight up folic acid.

Make me feel like a super hero!!

Sending you baby dust!!