Friday, February 1, 2008

New Thing #313: Smells Nice

Several people have left suggestions about paying random strangers compliments. Since I don't say so when I get a suggestion for something I've done before, nobody has any way of knowing that I love complimenting people. If someone's wearing something I like, I often tell them. Not always, but often. Especially in elevators. I figure that it's a private enough environment to have a conversation, but also ephemeral enough a situation that they'll be away from me before any discomfort starts to sink in. But I did want to find a way to make a New Thing out of being complimentary, so today I complimented a stranger on her perfume. I didn't set out to do so; I was just on the lookout all day for something unusual on which to compliment someone. Then on my way downstairs to get my 4pm snack, I was in the elevator with an older lady who was wearing something that smelled like summer. So I just said, "whatever you're wearing smells fantastic." She was receptive and appreciative, then the elevator hit the first floor and we went separate ways. I do hope it boosted her mood, as all compliments should*!

*I still don't like it when strangers "congratulate" me on being skinny. Just so you know.

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