Sunday, February 3, 2008

New Thing #315: Don't be a Chicken

You know that idiom "walking on eggshells?" It means to treat an uncomfortable situation delicately or tentatively. We've all done it at one point (or a zillion, if you've lived with as many non-confrontational roommates as I have). But only figuratively, right? Well tonight I walked on eggshells literally. It was messy and it hurt, but was still less awkward than dealing with my sophomore year roommate after she heard me telling someone about how she used to use my microwave to dry her thongs. But back then, I merely walked on eggshells, while now I also dance on them.


Kathleen said...

Is Kevin your accompanist?

kikimaja said...

Your roommate dried thongs in the microwave? OMG! My current roommate is psycho and talks about her dog and herself in the 3rd person loud enough for the neighbors to hear. But thong drying...that may take the cake!