Monday, February 4, 2008

New Thing #316: I Screen

Many of my friends are normal people who moonlight as creative geniuses. They're musicians, improvisers, singers, dancers, crafters, and filmmakers. It's that last group that impresses me the most, because it's the art form that I understand the least. And I'm not talking about big-budget movie making. I mean these small, brilliant 5-minute movies that they shoot and edit inside of a week, that then make the rounds on YouTube, Funny or Die and Super Deluxe. A few years ago, I enlisted one such small-time film genius to help me with a video project of my own. I wrote, directed, cast, acted and coordinated; he shot and edited. That sounds like a small set of responsibilities, but since the film would never have existed without friend and his skills, it was HUGE and invaluable. The most impressive thing was watching him edit the thing on Final Cut Pro as if he were playing one of those plastic numbered tile games. In less than two hours of me telling him vaguely what I wanted, we had this gorgeous, perfect-in-my-eyes piece that I proudly used in a stage show I was doing at the time. I have since sort of poked around on Quick Time Pro and Windows Movie Maker, neither of which have the panache or professionalism of FCP. Then last week, to my utter surprise, the Web People at work told the editorial staff we'd all be learning it to help with online video stuff so today I started learning Final Cut Pro. I practically salivated through the two-hour lesson (and not just because my company has a brand-new video studio complete with green screen). It inspired me (even more) to get a Mac later this year. And a video camera slightly more sophisticated than the video option on my Sony Cyber-Shot. So look for mini-musicals starring me and my mirror on a very tiny screen near you.


spike. said...

I felt the same way when I first worked with video editing software ... and am thinking about a Mac for the same reasons. Have fun with that!

Kathleen said...

That's cool, I made a video on iMovie (I'll send it to you sometime). It's so cool to actually CREATE a film, with somewhat decent production value.

Hey, I have an idea for a new thing (branching off from your previous brush with Mensa) - you should take the real Mensa test (it's $40). You know, just for shits and giggles... why not?

I did something new yesterday - I wrote a plan for Lent. I'm gonna refrain from swearing and eating ice cream.

MamaChristy said...

Oh! Get a Mac! You will lurve it. I lurve mine so much I can barely stand it.

Terry said...