Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New Thing #317: Holiday in my Mind

I tend to get a mad case of the February blahs, so to combat it I wore a bikini to work. I drew the line at actually parading around in it, but it was a fun alternative to normal underpinnings, especially since the sides of the bottoms and the halter tie of the top peek out from under my jeans and sweater. That's somehow more socially acceptable than my underwear doing the same (probably because most of my underwear doesn't have a kicky blue-and-purple retro flower print). Every time I looked down and saw those little flecks of color, it was easier to imagine that the clouds and fog outside were simply a marine layer instead of a semi-permanent dreary winter sky. Right before lunch, I put my iPod on the beach mix I made for a friend last year:
Holiday in Waikiki/The Kinks
Heroes and Villains/Brian Wilson
Wouldn't It Be Nice/The Beach Boys
Miserlou/The Lively Ones
Good Vibrations/The Beach Boys
Kokomo/The Beach Boys
Working My Way Back to You/Frankie Valli & The Four Seasons
Beyond the Sea/Bobby Darin
Under the Sea/Sebastian the Crab
Somewhere Under the Rainbow (Wonderful World)/Israel Kamakawiw'ole
Waterloo Sunset/The Kinks
Bongo Bong/ Manu Chao
Finn/Tori Amos
I also voted today for Barack Obama, but I'm not counting that as a New Thing because I've known for over a year that I'd be voting for him, and because voting is a responsibility we all have!


Anonymous said...

Somewhere Over the Rainbow sung by "Is" is a great feel good song. It would make you want to wear your bikini for sure. Okay, so next time you need to wear the swim googles, swim cap and fins too!

Bet said...

HeeHee..."Sebastian the Crab"

Multiple Kinks songs can only make a mix better.