Thursday, February 7, 2008

New Thing #319: Year of the Shoe

I should have been wearing red today, and my boss shouldn't have had to work, but I didn't and she did, even though it was Chinese New Year. But I did get to celebrate. Courtesy of a friend of Kevin's who works at an upscale shoe boutique owned by a Chinese family, I went to a Chinese New Year party. Because it was held in the store, much of the festive decor consisted of shiny silver and gold sneakers, high-tops with rats etched into them, and bright turquoise, embellished ballet flats. And that was just in the building- at the curb, there was a cozy white limo with a dragon on top and most of the Spring line inside. Halfway through, the staff shot off confetti cannons and handed out red envelopes, one of which contained a ticket for a free pair of shoes (neither of us won this, but our envelopes did come stuffed with cash!). The best part was walking through SoHo in the chilly night air and getting to feel that New Year's glow all over again.


Anonymous said...

You are such an interesting fun life! Can I be you?

farmwife said...

How cool! I am jealous :) Actually I am mostly jealous that you are a)standing outside in a short-sleeve shirt, and b) that there isn't 5 feet of snow on the ground!

Is there anything of special interest that the Year of the Rat is supposed to bring us?