Friday, February 8, 2008

New Thing #320: Iron Sheet

I've always been somewhat cavalier about the maintenance of my bedding. I wash it, I might fold it and put it away, but mostly I just put it on the bed. And since its livelihood involves so much rumpleage, I don't worry too much about keeping my sheets, duvet or blanket smooth. But what if I did? Today I ironed my sheets. My mother and grandmother do this habitually, and the beds in their respective houses do look unusually lovely. And now my bed has joined their smooth, pleasant-smelling ranks.


farmwife said...

You've piqued my curiosity --

Is this going to become the norm for you? Do you like the ironed sheets enough to keep doing it?

And did you use starch? :)

I must admit, I have never ironed a sheet. I may have to try it.

Shane said...

Isn't sheet ironing slightly tedious? The sheets are so big, and the ironing board is so small. I have trouble ironing dress shirts!

Shane said...

Isn't sheet ironing a little tedious? I have trouble ironing dress shirts on those little ironing boards!

Way to go!

Krista said...

My grandmother irons all her sheets too! I'm so glad to know that she's not the only interesting one out there.

I'm still going to make fun of her, though.