Sunday, February 17, 2008

New Thing #329: Beep beep. Yeah.

I haven't owned a car in seven years, and along with the absence of paranoia that came with owning a car in California that had been hit-and-runned, broken into, ticketed, dinged and fender-bent came the blissful disappearance of the stress associated with maintaining it. But my boyfriend does own a car, and as someone who rides in it a lot, it's polite to help him take care of it. So today I changed windshield wipers. Since it rained an average of half a time a year when I drove in California, I never actually changed the wipers on my car in the four years that I drove it before moving to New York. Oil? Yes. Wiper fluid? Sure- just because it doesn't rain doesn't mean it doesn't get bird dumped-on every once and again, and my car only held about a thimble of it.

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