Monday, February 18, 2008

New Thing #330: Watcher in the Woods

The state of Connecticut is conducting some sort of Bird Census, and the monitoring is left up to the residents of the state. During my Relaxing Weekend in the Woods, I decided I would pretend to be a Connecticutian, and I bird-watched. Armed with an Audubon Society Bird Dictionary and some cool army binoculars, I searched the trees and the skies for the species the state is interested in keeping tabs on. I'm not sure I was able to contribute anything to the survey. I saw a lot of squirrels, tons of leaves, a boot and what was either a cat or a sawed-off Mountain Lion, but only one or two birds, one of which may have been a Sharp-Tailed sparrow. Either than or an emu. Either way, there is something supremely therapeutic about sitting in a woodsy area on a chilly afternoon, hoping a birdie might be friendly enough to show his face so you can write it down for the state. Even if he doesn't, it's some time well spent.

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