Tuesday, February 19, 2008

New Thing #331: Window of Opportunity

For almost a year now, I've been wanting to throw something out the window. Yes, I threw money off a roof and it was awesome, but throwing something out a window has a bit more of an air of desperation, as well as a much cooler word. Tonight I defenestrated a paper airplane. I have always sucked at paper airplaning, so this was another chance to get it right (with a little help from my beloved Wikihow, where I learned to make a Delta Wing Paper Airplane). I racked my brain for a time in the past when I threw something out a window- dorm keys in college? Candy at nerd camp? My violin? A small relative? And I couldn't think of anything, but in case some memory of defenestration (as opposed to interfenestration or antifenestration) slipped through, I decided to up the ante by setting a paper airplane free out the bathroom window. I can count the paper airplanes I've made in my life on one hand, so I know I've never thrown one out a window. I did it in the dark bathroom into the backyard, just feet away from where the recycling goes. I almost wrote "help me!" or "I am a monkey!" on it to add some excitement, but something happened where I didn't.

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