Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Thing #332: Promptness

In all my time working in TV and radio, being on TV and radio and watching and listening to TV and radio (presumably in that order, but with me you never know), I have never had the joy/obligation of reading from a teleprompter. Yes, I have often made gentle fun of people whose heads appear to move along with the lines of text, and sympathized with those who have gone wacky-eyed from looking at the tiny screens for so long (ask me about my three eye surgeries) but I have never actually been one of them. So today during video training at work, I jumped at the opportunity all our cool technology presents, and I read from a teleprompter. Trainers Karen and Zachary were good sports about letting me take a few extra minutes of their time, and Z pulled up some newsy-sounding story from for me to read. (Ironically, we weren't able to actually capture the video, because of the fanciness of the technology and the unfanciness of this blog).

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Hub Schlafly said...

The TelePromTer people got fancy with capitalization in their name decades before it was fashionable.