Thursday, February 21, 2008

New Thing #333: Where?

Remember how the nerds in Sixteen Candles (John Cusack and Darren Harris) wore underwear on their heads when the Geek dropped by with the passed-out hot chick? I always thought that was sort of hilarious, so tonight I wore underwear on my head. It felt and, aside from the leg holes, looked no different than a soft hat. I picked a stripey pair for maximum fun, and nearly forgot it was a sort of uncouth hat choice until I left to pick up some dish soap. Getting stared at in public is nothing new, but usually it's because of toilet paper on my shoe, or because I'm carrying a giant stuffed tiger, or because I somehow left the house wearing both a sneaker and a high-heeled boot.


Kathleen said...

Cute panties!

Bet said...

My grandmother, every night, washed her hair, ringlet curled and bobby-pinned it, slipped a pair of panties over it, and went to bed. So of course, panties on the head brings back wonderful memories for me.