Friday, February 22, 2008

New Thing #334: Practice, practice

In one of my many "things you should do in New York because we say so" emails this week, something caught my eye: the words "Rhapsody in Blue" written in close proximity to the words "Carnegie Hall." None of this really qualified as New; I've seen Rhapsody in Blue, my favorite piece of music ever (which I have easily listened to 500 times in my life) played live before, and not only have I seen something at Carnegie Hall before, I performed there when I was 19. But when companion Erin and I arrived at our seats, we were pleasantly surprised that we had somehow ended up in what are usually $200 seats, procured for practically nothing (thanks, snow storm!). So I sat in a fancy box in Carnegie Hall, practically right over the pianist's shoulder. It was a college symphony, so most of the audience were family members of a bunch of talented kids from Texas, all of whom we were nose-to-nose with, sitting in what Erin referred to as "Bond girl seats" in one of the world's most famous performance venues.

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