Thursday, February 28, 2008

New Thing #340: Bachy

Since I was 22, I have been in four weddings. Twice I was Maid of Honor. I'm currently in California for the fourth one, and tonight will head to my fourth rehearsal dinner, after having attended a fourth shower and bought a fourth bridesmaid dress. But bachelorette parties? I've somehow never been to one. When BFF Ange got married, half the bridal party was under 21, so we had a shower and a lunch instead. When I MOH'ed my brother's wedding, the bride was Austrian and unfamiliar with the concept. For wedding number three, I couldn't get there until the night before the wedding and missed out. So tonight I went to a bachelorette party in honor of high school buddy Andrea. Ten of us went to Shout House, a piano bar in downtown San Diego. It was loud, crude and full of booze- essentials for a bache party. Andrea was a good sport about sucking down shots with dodgy names (one from between the piano player's legs) and about sitting on the piano while they sang versions of cliche wedding songs packed with sex euphemisms. It was entirely stripper-free, which was totally fine with everyone.
Happy wedding, Dida!

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heather m. said...

friendly tip- you can actually use that number at Safeway (or Von's, whichever exists in your neck of the woods) if you don't have a "club card" of your own, to save some money. it's genius! a rockin' cashier helped me out one night with that info ;)