Thursday, March 20, 2008

Be part of a New Thing!

Saturday, March 22
11 PM
The PIT Theatre
154 w. 29th St Btw 6/7

Featuring: Amanda Allan, Lynn Bixenspan, Kirk Damato, Angela DeManti, Alan Fessenden, Michael Jeffery Cohen, Maddy Mako, Jen MacNeil, Kathleen MacNeil, Glennis McMurray, Louie Pearlman, Kristina Sepulveda, Eliza Skinner, Jodi Skeris, Robyn Sklaren, Kate Tellers
Hosted by Katina Corrao and Shawn Hollenbach
Accompanied by Ben Healy
With songs from Urinetown, Hair, Annie, La Cage Aux Follies, Chess, The Secret Garden, Assassins, Wicked

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