Sunday, March 2, 2008

New Thing #343: Voce con molto

The whole time I've been doing this project, I haven't been keen on the "do [blank] for a day stuff' that required any memory or attention on my part. Wearing a moustache for a day is easy because I don't have to think about it, but remembering to not look in the mirror and make an "I" statement are examples of day-long commitments that have gone out the window. So I was surprised when I managed to do this one for so long. I spoke a half-octave higher for (most of) a day. I remarked to Kevin that when I read from a script, I rise out of my normally low speaking voice, and after proving it by reading the ingredients on a candy bar in the style of a very interested newscaster, decided to go for it as long as possible. The few people I spoke to who I actually knew didn't seem phased, but I was surprised by the effort it takes to sound so perky for so long. Sure, there was a day in my colooratura past when I could hit some lithospheric note in a Lauredsen piece, but even then I would sink back into my comfort zone when having a normal conversation. Well, normal for me.

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