Monday, March 3, 2008

New Thing #344: Quick Quotes

On the plane back from California this weekend, one of my eyes watched Becoming Jane while the other one tried to sleep, and one of the things that struck me as so charming about being a writer in the 18th century was not just that she wrote everything by hand, but that she wrote it with such elegant quills. Same for the Harry Potter crew, and they could have easily just conjured up notes instead of writing them. Today I wrote with a feather quill, complete with a little jar of ink. It feels so romantic and smart! I had actually given an ink-and-quill set to my sister for Christmas several years ago, and when I found it unopened in my closet at my parents' house this weekend, I figured she wouldn't miss it. This will definitely be one of those new things that I continue to do after the project is over. I kind of can't wait to be Weird Lady in Coffee House Writing With Crazy Pen.


Krista said...

Is it hard to write with a feather pen? It looks rediculously difficult, but awesome at the same time.

Jamie said...

That's awesome--I just watched 'Becoming Jane' over the weekend as well and remember thinking how nice her handwriting was with the quill...I also thought it was interesting that she cut out the parts she didn't want people to read with her scissors. You might consider doing that as a 'new thing.' Send a letter to someone, written with your quill, full of cut out holes...Ahhh--life before "White-Out" or the backspace key. Hey--it's a thought. ((chuckle))
Jamie in GA

Anonymous said...

I've always wanted to do that! My inspiration was watching Amadeus in 4th grade or so though.

And it must've been a Becoming Jane weekend b/c I saw it this weekend as well!