Thursday, March 6, 2008

New Thing #347: Bain au lait

Tonight I did for around $9 what spas charge upwards of $200 for: I took a bath in milk. Mind you, this was just ordinary milk from the drugstore, and it was diluted. It wasn't, like, milk from the goat on the Queen's farm or from a golden cow in Belgium, as I'm sure the milk in those snooty spa milk baths are. It still calmed my winter-angry skin and softened my elbows and knees. I even lit a candle and threw in a coat of green tea body lotion. All that plus the fact that I didn't have to go anywhere or wear spa flip-flops= Me 1, Spa 0. I'll still make an appointment at Oasis the week of my birthday. Whaddya gonna do.


Wanda said...

Seems that it would be kind of cold. And how did you bathe in milk for only $9??

Kathy G said...

You should also try a CHOCOLATE bubble bath! (see WikiHow.)