Friday, March 7, 2008

New Thing #348: Jiminy!

I ate crickets.
For reals.


Anonymous said...

Before I played the video, my reaction was gross. Then I played the video...HAHAHAHAHAHA! Inquiring minds want to know - did the flavoring help at all?

KrstlChik said...

Ick. More power to you, I don't know if I could do this as one of my new things or not.

Mr. Nordmann said...

Um, gross. So, is there some kind of freak vending machine that sells snack crickets, or do you have to know some guy in an alley to get them? I would pass on them.
Any suggestions for my thing-a-day blog?...other than eating crickets.


Tony Powell said...

That looks so tasty, but I think I'll wait till the breakfast cereal comes out: Puffed Crickets.

Anonymous said...

Not even chocolate covered. YUCK!

Maddy said...

Even if you HAD puked, it still would have been a first, but I'm proud of your perseverance. It's a corn nut. It's a corn nut!