Saturday, March 8, 2008

New Thing #349: Will you be mine?

Before I get into this one, I want to clear something up: I am not afraid of getting older. Rather, I totally celebrate it, which is the whole point of this project; I want to arrive at 30 feeling accomplished and calm, and have never really been afraid of any age at all, per se. Which is why it seems totally contradictory and fatalist that today I drafted a will. But come on: I have cheated death at least twice--that I know of. I'm sure I've unknowingly ducked out of the path of a swinging beam to pick up a penny, or suddenly turned back to retrieve my forgotten cell phone seconds before an errant garbage truck came speeding over the spot where I'd been standing. So in case my timing is off one day, wouldn't it be smart to have a plan in place? Most of my bequeathments were of a lighthearted nature- my sister gets all my shoes, Angela gets my handbags and anything with a leopard print, Amanda gets my Butter dresses, Kevin gets my Ugg slippers and my music, Cat gets my DVF, my mom gets my bunnies. The "real" stuff, like whatever happens to be in my checking account at the time, and stuff of that nature, is divvied up among those who will actually need it (like my actress/teacher sister and my two favorite parents-to-be; I also kicked in a little business capital for someone). Of course I'll update it when I have more legal ties, but for now I did what seems appropriate. Now I just gotta get this baby notarized before I step into a faulty elevator somewhere.


Anonymous said...

good for you, jen!
i've always wanted to draft a will, but never knew just where to begin. did you just start scribbling away, or follow a legal outline somehow?
anyway, rock on. thanks, as always, for being inspiration.

Anonymous said...

You mentioned your checking account, you might want to check your paperwork and what your bank has on file. In most places if you listed a beneficiary on a checking account or such, it will override any designation of that account you may have put in your will. I worked for a bank for 6 years and now am at a Credit union, and we have had to tell people that they are not the correct beneficiary because of that. Just thought I would mention that. I am not sure if the law on that is different out there in New Jersy/New York area though.

Michelle said...

witnessed. sign before witnesses.

MJC said...

I hope stepping into a faulty elevator is not on your list.