Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Thing #353: Pokey Dokey

me: I had acupuncture at lunch- it was sort of awesome.
Kevin: where did they stick you?
me: ears, back of neck, wrists, back, ankles, calves
Kevin: what did it do?
me: harmonized my blood flow to ease my anxiety.
Kevin: did it work?
me: I think it did! I definitely felt calmer afterwards and my headache was gone.
Kevin: were they big long needles?
me: no, they were kind of tiny- I was face down so I couldn't see what they looked like when they were in. The ones in my ears felt like the longest, oddly. I barely felt anything- it's a pinch, then it turns into a tingle.
Kevin: do you have hole marks?
me: super tiny ones- I can barely see one of the wrist ones, and I can't see the ones on my ankles anymore. The rest are on my back so I can't see them at all.
Kevin: did they make kung fu sounds?
me: One might have, but that also could have been coming from my bag.
Kevin: You should blog as interviewed by a five-year-old.

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KrstlChik said...

awesome! i've been wanting to do this as one of my new things.